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Target Areas


As per the needs of the community people and organizational priorities endorsed in the policy, the ICODEMON will work for most disadvantaged groups of the community both in urban and rural areas of Nepal. The ICODEMON conducts feasibility study and need assessment, based on results of findings it sets target and implements programme accordingly.

Public Health
Recently ICODEMON has successfully implemented a project called ' Road  Traffic Accident: A Neglected Public Health Crisis' funded by Grand  Challenges Canada.

Community Development
Since its inception in 2000, ICODEMON has been rigorously working with rural  community for their overall development. Till date it has conducted various  awareness raising program, training, for the the betterment of the general  lives.

Sustainable Tourism
Every year thousands of tourists visits Nepal and debate of sustainable  tourism is already taking place in tourism industry. However, very little  effort has been made by tourism entrepreneur in this field. Considering this  problem, ICODEMON has started campaign of sustainable tourism in the  protected area of Nepal.